What Our Patients Like Most About Our Pharmacy

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    "Amazing staff! The best customer service I have ever had at a pharmacy, very non-judgmental staff, and always willing to help and answer questions promptly and with a smile. That kind of service is very rare these days, Thank you."

    "Rory is great! We were in a time crunch to get our baby some medicine and he worked with our physician to make sure it happened right away. We really had a great experience and will be repeat customers."

    "Cedar Drug & Gift is a fine example of how much better the service is at a locally-owned business. The service is as good as it gets--hands down. Rory Smith and his great staff care about their customers. They're knowledgeable, efficient and helpful. Great prices too."

    "Extremely fast service! I never have to wait very long for my prescriptions. Great prices, friendly service, and honestly the best ice cream I've had in this little town."

    "Love this pharmacy! Rory is a very personal and considerate and professional pharmacist!!! Highly recommend this pharmacy over all others in Cedar City!"

    "Absolutely marvelous experience. They are fast, efficient, friendly and totally accommodating! I've never experienced a pharmacy as great to deal with."

    "I love it there. The staff are so friendly and caring. They are always willing to answer questions about your prescription. I can't say enough of how great they are."

    "Helpful, knowledgable and friendly service! They strive to make sure every aspect of our experience exceeds our expectations. Wow! Rory Smith (pharmacist and owner) really worked to fix the mistakes in the prescription as called in from my doctor's office--and he took care of it all before I ever came to pick up my Rx! Thanks for always taking care of us, Cedar Drug."

    "Rory goes way above and beyond to get you what you need. Can't thank him and his staff enough for their genuine care and concern. So happy to go to the pharmacy again and know you will be taken care of. Thanks Rory!"

    "Very inviting staff! I will be a repeat customer."

    • You can help Cedar Drug And Gift by leaving a great review on Facebook and Google - thank you!